Volume 1 - 1, Summer 2016, pp. 10-14   

Link: http://www.jampc.ir/Vol1/No1/3.pdf
( Received: October 27, 2015 – Accepted: December 15, 2015 )

Abstract    Microwave heating method was used to synthesize ZnNb2O6 (ZN) powder. The formation of ZN phase started at 400oC and completed at 800oC. In the microwave method the time needed for the sample to reach from room temperature to the formation temperature (800oC) was only 16 min. In order to compare the results, conventional heating was also used to synthesize the ZN phase at the same temperature. In the conventional heating in order to achieve complete formation of ZN phase the sample was heated at 800oC for 120 min. TEM images show that the crystallite sizes for powders prepared by microwave and conventional methods are between 100 to 200nm. TEM investigations also revealed that a high degree of aggregation is present for powders obtained from both methods. This observation was also confirmed by SEM results.


Keywords    Microwave Dielectric, Nanosized ZnNb2O6, Microwave Synthesis, Solid State Reaction


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