Volume 1 - 1, Summer 2016, pp. 23-24   

Link: http://www.jampc.ir/Vol1/No1/5.pdf
( Received: October 02, 2015 – Accepted: December 30, 2015 )

Abstract    Photocatalysis has recently become a common word and among the many candidates for photocatalysts, TiO2 is almost the only material suitable for industrial use atpresent and also probably in the future. This is because TiO2 has the most efficient photoactivity, the highest stability and thelowest cost. More significantly, it has been used as a white pigment from ancient times, and thus, its safety to humans and theenvironment is guaranteed by history. There are two types of photochemical reaction proceeding on a TiO2 surface whenirradiated with ultraviolet light. One includes the photo-induced redox reactions of adsorbed substances, and the other is thephoto-induced hydrophilic conversion of TiO2 itself. The combination of these two functions has opened up various novelapplications of TiO2, particularly in the field of building materials. Here, we review the progress of the scientific research onTiO2 photocatalysis as well as its industrial applications, and describe future prospects of this field mainly based on theheterogeneous Photocatalysis.


Keywords    Heterogeneous; Photocatalysis; TiO2; dopant.



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