Call for Paper


I would like to invite you to submit your research papers for possible publication in the Journal of Applied Materials Processing and Characterization (JAMPC). JAMPC publishes papers in the field of applied materials including: Materials(Semiconductors, Nanomaterials, Composite, Metals, Smart Materials, Ceramics, Polymers, Superconductive Materials), Characterization (Optical, Electrical, Structural, Opto-electronic, Spectroscopic, Nanoscopic, Microscopy, Development of New Characterization Method), Applications (Devices, Catalyst, Industrial Purification, Materials, Extraction & Concentration, Trace Materials, Coating) and Synthesis (Solution Synthesis, Vapor Deposition, Solid State, Chemical Deposition, Electrochemical, Quenching, Solidification, Catalytic Reaction). JAMPC is a platform for researchers and scholars from all over the world to publish their research outcome.

We invite submissions of original research papers, review articles, short communications and technical notes in any topic of renewable energies mentioned above. Papers should be both well-arranged and thought-provoking and offer substantial contributions to current research. The language of the journal is English. Papers published in JAMPC will receive high publicity among scientists. JAMPC accepts manuscripts submitted through journal online submission system. Our easy and fast submission method provides rapid processing of your submitted articles. Please visit our website for online submission:

Fereydoun Alikhani Hesari, PhD
Editor in Chief

Journal of Applied Materials Processing and Characterization